Care Instruction

All of our footwear has been manufactured using the finest quality leathers, trims and hardware. Some of which are delicate and require special care and maintenance. Slight marks and variations in the surface colour and texture should not be considered as faults as they are part of the nature of leather and suede.

We Dear Milu gals care about our shoes, below are some methods of prolonging the life of your shoes.

Different types of leather require different types of care, so we made this handy guide for keeping your shoes clean and looking their best!


• To remove dirt, wipe gently with a dry cloth to remove any dried-on dirt and dust.   Then dampen the cloth with warm water and wipe again.   Allow leather to dry naturally, away from direct sunlight and direct heat sources (like heat vents) that can dry out the leather.
• Use a high quality cream polish that matches the shoe colour, then buff to a shine.
• Avoid liquid shoe polishes and silicone sprays.


To weatherproof your shoes, we suggest a non-silicone spray or a rain/stain repellant.


We recommend you to use a leather conditioner on your slides at least once per month and more frequently if you wear your slides everyday. Our slides are different for the reason that they are leather lined rather than exposed rubber, for this reason they require constant moisture on areas that the foot wears in order to care for the integrity of the leather.


We recommend you to use a leather conditioner on your boots at once per season (every two months). If you maintain your leather footwear more frequently you will have shoes that will last you for years to come.


Beads, crystals, gems, shells, studs and stitching may be damaged or lost if caught or snagged. Gems and beads are fixed securely, but we cannot guarantee they will remain attached if footwear is knocked or grazed. Shell harnesses and shoes are delicate in nature and care should be taken to avoid any abrasion whilst wearing. Should you require any additional shells or beads for your shoes, feel free to contact us.